Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Short Cuts

Great minds think alike, at least when it comes to our hair. Last Friday I ended my two year experiment with long hair by having it all cut off. I was looking forward to a planned Saturday-night reunion with Varuni, who had recently returned from a one-month stay in India. But as surprising as I thought my new short cut would be, it was nothing compared to the shock of hers! Varuni had never once let on that she had her two feet or so of hair chopped while she was away.

Don't believe me about the two feet of hair? Just check out this Cousin It picture, taken earlier this year. Below, Varuni is surrounded by adoring guys, but clearly just wants everyone to stop making a fuss and let her pay her bill.

I can't speak for Varuni, but I would almost grow my hair out long again just to have the fun of cutting it off. As the stylist took away more and more, I felt like my face was being released from captivity, like I was being let out into the open again. When you compare before and after pictures, my face really doesn't look any different, but I don't believe the photos. What I know is that I feel different: lighter, cuter, prettier, and more fashionable. I'm certainly glad to have entered the Short Cuts Club.

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Laura said...

wohoo! I like it :)