Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Deli Displays

The last time my sister Laura visited me we were walking down the streets of New York when she exclaimed over how nice all the fruit and flower stands were. "You mean the delis?" I asked, a bit incredulous. But I soon saw her point: reason #371 to love New York is that you don't have to go anywhere special to get an incredible selection of fresh fruit or flowers. They are available on every corner in almost any deli, and usually arranged in remarkably beautiful displays.

I buy all my cut flowers at either this stand or the one next door to it, shown below. As you can see they offer quite the selection. Lilies, gerber daisies, orchids, tulips, and buckets of lilacs all clamor for a spot in one of my vases. Below you can see some peonies in the foreground getting ready to open. Further down Broadway another deli (which also sells flowers) stacks its fruit in precisely geometric blocks of color. The bottles and even the pineapples line up like soldiers. I pass these delis every day on my way to the subway, and they offer quite the visual treat at the beginning of my morning commute.

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Samantha said...

I like the delis, but what I really have come to appreciate in NY is all the fruit vendors that sell fresh produce for fair prices. Sometimes for lunch I just go out and get a bunch of fruit and a yogurt, a great cheap, healthy option especially in mid-town where a sandwich goes for $7-$10!