Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My New Apartment

So after a stressful two-day search involving a mix-up about rent amounts, ugly 70s brown shag carpeting, showers that you could only get to by climbing under stairs, amateur paint jobs, etc., etc. I found and fell in love with this studio apartment. It's in a building on "Mansion Hill," close to campus and downtown, and has a huge window with a view of trees and Lake Mendota. Here is the main room looking from and towards the front door:

On the far side of the room from the front door is the walk-in-closet (which I think is large enough to be a dressing room), kitchen, and bathroom all in a row, with the kitchen in the middle.

The apartment has a definite "pre-war" feel. There are original fixtures in the bathroom, (including a deep soaking tub and shower that you can't see in the photo above) and the kitchen (note especially the built-in cabinets and shallow sink) and original moldings everywhere. Did I mention that in addition to the walk-in extravaganza there are two more closets? Did I mention the building has a lovely communal backyard terrace? Wait, wait, did you see the view?

I'm officially taking suggestions for decorating the place. As you can see, the current occupant has gone for a kind of French black-and-white wrought-iron "terrace" look. I'm hoping for something more comfortable but still very chic that makes the most of the space. Comments welcome!

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