Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Karin's Aunt Paula seems to by vying with Karin's mother Pam as provider of seasonal decorations this year, sending a dozen rose-shaped and rose-scented soaps. We tucked them into some wooden condiment bowls (a gift from my parents, and I thought I'd never use them!) and put one in each of our bedrooms and one in the bathroom. Now the entire apartment smells delicioulsy of roses. She also sent Karin those pretty handtowels. Will we be able to put them away when Valentines Day passes us by? Probably not. Luckily love and kisses are agreeable all year round.

Last year Karin's mom sent her the heart mobile for Valentines Day, and now it hangs from our bathroom skylight. Karin even bought "Frosted Cranberry" hand soap (on the shelf above the sink) to match the rest of the bathroom. The red chinoisere box on top of the toilet tank is from my mom. I beleive it used to store tea, but we use it for Q-tips.

This year Pam sent us this Valentines Hershey bar, an adorable Chinese takeout container filled with Lindt truffles, and that sweet heart-shaped box decorated with cross-stiching (is that your own work Mrs. Isaacson?). The Chinese takout container continues a theme established last year when Pam sent one decorated with a scarecrow just in time for Halloween.

My own mother, not to be outdone, sent us homemade heart-shaped sugar cookies with white and pink icing that spelled our names. I wish I had a picture to show you her mad skills with an icing tip, but I'm afrad it's too late. Those cookies were too delicious to stay uneaten.

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