Monday, February 26, 2007


I thought this year's Oscars was one of the funniest and most entertaining in recent memory. Kudos to Ellen DeGeneres for keeping me laughing well past her opening bit, and to the organizers for clearly making comedy a priority for the presenters, if not for the nominations. But of course the real show was before the ceremony itself, on the red carpet. Here are some highlights.

Winning Ladies:
Helen Mirren won for Best Actress and Jennifer Hudson fulfilled everyone's Cinderella fantasies by winning for Best Supporting Actress. They both looked radiant. Mirren's gown by Christian Lacroix looked at once girlish and mature. Hudson's little jacket provided some flattering sparkle around her face, but I was glad to see that she took it off when she got inside. My favorite part about her Oscar de la Renta gown is the pockets! Both Mirren and Hudson looked elegant, comfortable, and pleased as punch to be there. I can't understand why there has been so much bad press about Hudson's outfit, or why she herself as renounced it.

Trains: Small trains were all over the red carpet. I like the cut and color of Gwenyth Paltrow's gown by Zac Posen (who also dressed Portia di Rossi, quite a coup for the young designer) but definitely don't like her unnaturally parted and iron-straight hair. Jodie Foster's dress by Vera Wang perfectly matched her eyes, but the real reason I have this picture up is to see Elisabeth Shue in the background! Her husband, Davis Guggenheim, won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for directing An Inconvenient Truth.

And more trains: A few ladies made even bigger statements with even bigger trains, and you've got to give them props for going all out. Penélope Cruz won the biggest dress of the night contest with a gown by Atelier Versace. I have to admit I like its ruffles, especially combined with the drop waist. Reese Witherspoon wore Nina Ricci by Olivier Theyskens. It looked much darker and vampier on TV, and certainly made the most of her petite figure.

The Two C/Kates: These two can't really go wrong anymore. Cate Blanchett was stunning in Armani Privé. Kate Winslet's Valentino Couture, combining a simple style with an unusual color (although Beyoncé also wore mint green), was actually one of the best gowns of the evening. The one-shoulder look was back in full force this year, and I can see why. It gives body-hugging sheaths like these a classical, more statuesque quality.

Men in Black: Daniel Craig looked straight out of Casino Royale in his tux. His companion, Satsuki Mitchell, looks wonderful in a dress of unknown origins. I love the combination of subtle shimmer and looser drapery. And I love, love, love that Alejandro González Iñárritu wore a black scarf so nonchalantly over his tux.

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Karin said...

Though I'm pretty sure you're familiar with all these, I thought I might weigh in anyway . . .

FAVS: Ellen staying true to her suit-and-sneakers, the ceremony not seeming to take itself too seriously (on a more consistent basis than usual), J.Hud--the look, the genuine charm, the Helen Mirren "DILF" effect (kudos to NYMag for coining that one), Lisa Ling actually pulling off that whole cocktail-dress-with-a-train thing, Meryl Streep's sassiness on the red carpet

And the BLAHS: blush colors (I usually love 'em, but not in such quantity!) and also the general mintiness of things, Marcia Brady hair, trains (impractical!), Kate Winslet's hair color, that whole look-I'm-a-statue-ripped-off-a-temple-in-Greece look (it's lovely, ladies, but some originality, please?), the evidence of Reese's so-called "revenge diet," Meryl Streep's outfit, Anne Hathaway's anodyne nice-girl act (not that I think it's an act, but it bores me!)

Karin said...

P.S. If grad school doesn't work out, I am *so* becoming a gossip columnist ;)

Karin said...

P.S. I think this post is awesome, seriously.

Katharine (K) Lina said...

I'm sure you read the Slate's review of the Oscar fashion, which was also bored with the goddess look and the blush tones. I don't think either is quite as prevelant as they make out, or they just appeal to me more so I don't find them boring. But I totally agree re: Ellen (looked better than Portia!), Lisa Ling (foxy!), Meryl Streep (looking old!), and Anne Hathaway (claims she isn't a little girl, then dresses in a bow?). Thanks for commenting!