Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Prince of Halftime Shows

As soon as I stopped watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, I wanted to post an entry on Prince’s halftime extravaganza. It was hands down the best halftime show I have ever seen (not that I’ve watched so many). But alas, regular queries to Google Image did not produce any photos from the show, and doing a post without illustrations did not seem worthwhile. Luckily, Slate has once again come to my rescue with this photo of Prince performing at the Super Bowl. We have to give him props for looking incredible sexy wearing what I can only describe as a kerchief (which at one point he threw to an adoring fan) and seventies-style powder-blue suit (complete with bell bottoms that unfortunately are not visible in this photo).

The production value of the show was truly extraordinary. Prince performed on a lighted stage in the shape of his famous symbol (who could forget the artist formerly know as Prince?) Fireworks routinely went off from the perimeter of the stadium. When Prince began his finale Purple Rain, he grabbed a purple guitar and became bathed in purple light. The fact that it was actually raining was a very happy coincidence. But what I really found too good to be true was when a giant piece of fabric went up, turning Prince and his purple guitar into an incredibly suggestive silhouette. I sat there at the Super Bowl party I was attending and said something like “my god, that’s phallic.” The rest of the party just broke out laughing.

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